Chicago Neighborhoods

Welcome to Chicago neighborhoods! After New York City and Los Angeles comes Chicago – only in terms of population, of course! That’s right, the City of Chicago is the third most populous city in the United States. There are over 2.7 million Chicagoans and nearly 10 million people in the greater Chicago metropolitan region.

Chicagoland doesn’t mind coming in 3rd, we’re just nice and humble that way! The Great Chicago Fire of 1871 not only made heroes out of us, it also gave us some humility. I mean the fire burned for two days, all because a cow kicked over a lantern. Ugh, darn Mable the dairy cow! Aside from heroism and humility, residents of Chicago have a lot of other great things going for them. Thirty-four headquarters of Fortune 500 companies are located here, providing many high-quality jobs. And unlike other world-class cities, such as San Francisco and Seattle, Chicagloland is flat. That means we don’t get winded unless we’re polishing off one of the city’s delicious deep-dish pizzas.

Speaking of wind, although the weather can change within minutes, the moniker “Windy City” has nothing to do with the gusts off Lake Michigan. The nickname refers to the political climate, namely that our politicians over the years (going back to the late 1890s, particularly around the Chicago World Fair) were full of hot air. We’ll leave this debate for another article, let’s get on with an overview of Chicago neighborhoods.

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Buckingham Fountain in Chicago

Trump Tower by Chicago River


Chicago's Hottest Neighborhoods

Dreaming of living in a high-rise condo overlooking Chicago River or Michigan Lake? Or do you find living in a century-old architecture single home in a quiet neighborhood more your style? Or do you want to call your brand-new townhouse in the city your home? Let’s see what options the best Chicago Neighborhoods have to offer.


Downtown Chicago

Downtown Chicago is a central business with a diverse of residential neighborhoods of Cook County. Downtown Chicago is rich with historic architecture and cultural attractions, a long with sports and entertainment complexes.


Guide to the Best Chicago Suburbs

Each Chicago suburb has

their own personality and community. Let's explore the best Chicago Suburbs to live in this year.



The North Shore Living

One of Chicago’s most prestigious neighborhoods is the affluent North Shore, which over time has come to include a few communities that do not border Lake Michigan. All North Shore communities are located in Cook County and Lake County.  


Chicago Magnificent Mile

Magnificent Mile In Downtown Chicago, referred as Mag Mile, offers the city's best shopping, dinning and entertainment. World class hotels and real estate.


Universities in Chicagoland

University of Chicago

Northwestern University

University of IL Urbana Champaign


Fortune 500 Companies in Chicagoland

Walgreens Boots Alliance

Boeing Company

Archer Daniels Midland Company


Chicago Relocation Guide




City of Chicago

With approximately 2.7M residents, Chicago is the heart of the Midwest and the center of the country. This economic hub is the global architectural capital and is considered one of the most important business centers in the world. 

Downtown Chicago was conceived with the architectural ingenuity that has come to make the city the distinguished economic center that it is. With gorgeous residences, major educational and health centers, theaters and outstanding professional sports arenas, just about everything you need is within walking distance of downtown Chicago.

​One of Chicago’s most prestigious communities is North Shore, where most residential suburbs border Lake Michigan. With excellent schools and beautiful parks, the North Shore is a popular choice for new residents of Chicago.

The second most populous county in the United States consists of 29 townships. Cook County shares the Lake Michigan shoreline with Lake County and is surrounded by five collar counties.

This collar county is the second most populous county in Illinois. Residents of Hinsdale, Naperville, and Oak Brook include some of the wealthiest people in the Midwest. In 2010, Hinsdale was dubbed the second wealthiest town in the Midwest.

​This is the third most populous county in Illinois. Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, and Highland Park are especially affluent and desirable residential communities. Naval Station Great Lakes is in Lake County.


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Over 51 communities make up the eclectic patchwork that is the City of Chicago. Most notably, nine neighborhoods are particularly worth highlighting:


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​The North Shore

One of Chicago’s most prestigious neighborhoods is the affluent North Shore, which over time has come to include a few communities that do not border Lake Michigan. All North Shore communities are located in Cook County and Lake County. While other communities claim North Shore status, the suburbs of Evanston, Wilmette, Kenilworth, Winnetka, Glencoe, Highland Park, Lake Forest and Lake Bluff are North Shore mainstays.

Following a treaty with Native Americans in 1833, Europeans began to settle the North Shore. With the opening of Northwestern University in Evanston in 1855 and Lake Forest College in 1857, railroads were constructed to give students and faculty access. Indeed, railways and streetcars have always been integral parts of Chicago’s North Shore.

The area hosts many local events such as the Ravinia Festival and the annual lighting of 32,000 Jack O’ Lanterns. Chicago’s North Shore is recognized as one of the most affluent neighborhoods in the United States. The Book of the North Shore (1901) and The Second Book of the North Shore (1911) were written by Marian A. White and are prominent works about the area. The term North Shore came into use broadly with the founding of the North Shore Improvement Association in 1890.

Chicago’s North Shore is the setting for numerous films and television shows, including Home Alone, Risky Business, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, The Breakfast Club, Mean Girls, Contagion and many others.

Northwestern and Lake Shore College remain North Shore educational centers and are joined by such cultural centers as the North Shore Performing Arts Center, the Chicago Botanic Garden, Kohl’s Children’s Museum and Ravinia Park in Highland Park and others to give the area the cultural diversity it merits.

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​​Lake County

Being on Lake Michigan, Lake County gets its name from… Lake Michigan, of course! Based on per capita income, Lake County was the 31st richest county according to the 2000 census. The affluent neighborhoods, Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, and Highland Park, making up the North Shore are very well-to-do. The United States Navy’s command center for training and recruitment is located in Lake County as well.



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Cook County

Cook County is the second most populous county in the United States, after Los Angeles County. Of all of Illinois residents, over 40% live in Cook County. Cook County is rich in cultural, archaeological, and natural resources. For example, over 1,200 species of native plants (more than half of any other Illinois County) are supported by Cook County. Over 500 archeological sites, as well as plenty of bird watching opportunities in the many acres of forest preserves and ponds, are major draws for both residents and visitors alike.