Delphine Nguyen

As someone who has moved not only across the country, but across oceans, Delphine has a clear understanding of the importance of “home.” For Delphine and her clients, home is a vital point of reference of our growth from childhood into adulthood and memory of friends and loved ones. Home helps us define our personal narrative – our story. A refuge from the world, home is a place where we reaffirm our independence and connect with our family and the greater community in which we live. Most important of all, home is where our relationships thrive.

Delphine isn’t in the real estate business to sell properties; she is a matchmaker, introducing clients – many of whom become close friends – to the home of their dreams or helping others to sell a home that may have been in the family for years.


Life is a movie. For many of my clients, landing a home is better than fiction – it is a new chapter in their life. I am blessed to be the one who guides them through this transition.Delphine


A curious and creative child in her youth, Delphine excelled at creative writing, particularly enjoying the process of empathizing with her characters and exploring their motivations and internal emotional theater. She enjoyed writing characters who had to overcome challenges to achieve their goals, a role she fully embraces as a broker today as she champions for homebuyers and sellers.


Delphine is helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly – a delightful person.Emilie Shlain

Her sensitive leanings were shaped by her parents in which she functioned as the “love mail carrier.” Delphine’s father retired early and did much of the childrearing while her mother worked at the office. During the day, her father would pine for his wife and compose a handwritten love letter for Delphine to deliver to her mom’s office. She raced on her bike like a two-wheeling cupid to deliver a letter each day, resisting the urge to peek. That was her parent’s business, after all! Her father’s demonstration of love while imparting the value of loyalty and honesty made a lasting impression. To this day, these are the qualities Delphine holds most dear, whether guiding her homeowners towards their home’s perfect price point or negotiating final closing deals on her clients’ behalf.


Our heartfelt thanks for the guidance you provided and exceptional diligence with which you pursued the sale of our house. You did an outstanding job applying your knowledge and experience during market research for listing price, identifying prospective buyers, and interacting with them and their agents.Gauri and Mithelesh Kotwal



Delphine earned her real estate license in 2015, however her career in marrying clients with homes started in Vietnam. While earning her Master’s degree in business management, Delphine assisted diplomats and foreign business people in their search for rental housing. However, at the time many of the properties in Vietnam came short of Westerner’s expectations, making locating acceptable accommodation for her clientele a challenge. Delphine knew she had to come up with a creative solution. She canvassed the neighborhoods, knocking on doors of the homes that caught her eye, asking each resident whether they had interest in becoming a landlord. This approach worked, and through her ingenuity and problem solving, Delphine succeeded in placing many of her foreign clients in rental properties that exceeded their expectations.


Our house was on the market for six months with the previous agent and it did not sell. Delphine’s aggressive sales approach, fantastic marketing plan, and superior negotiating skills made all the difference.Maria and Hans Kopp



Problem solving is just one of the many reasons why Delphine gravitated to real estate. In a profession where 87% of brokers quit within the first 5 years, those that last maintain tremendous grit and endurance. Delphine has grit in spades. With energy levels that would tire the Energizer bunny and a drive that never wanes, Delphine puts 110% into everything she does, from the intensive market research at the beginning of a client’s real estate journey to negotiating the closing deal.

In a competitive industry such as this, Delphine understands one is unlikely to go far when working inside a vacuum. She credits her team of agents, internet marketing specialists, and transaction coordinators as key to her success. Delphine’s formidable and efficient team leverage’s each team member’s strengths, personal network, and industry know-how to get the job done faster and better for both her homebuyers and home sellers. Besides, bouncing ideas off one another in a collaborative and generous atmosphere is fun – Delphine wouldn’t have it any other way!


Delphine is just a bundle of energy always utilizing her staff, her ever-growing network of real estate providers, and her Baird and Warner colleagues to get the job done. And it did get done in less than two weeks; we had two offers, our house is SOLD!Joan and Marshall Hechter



A wife and mother of two young girls, Delphine values her family time, and although being a real estate broker is as demanding as entrepreneurship, she never runs herself ragged. Not only does she put the time necessary to canvass the market and close the deal, she puts in the right time; or smart time. Clients look to Delphine for her presence of mind and steady hand – qualities that she feels are sharpened by maintaining a positive work/life balance.

Delphine hits the ground running, even when the ground bottoms out and she’s treading water. In 2000, when Delphine discovered that her Master’s program would be taught in French (unlike her fellow students, Delphine knew no francais going in!), Delphine found herself not only learning 2-years’ worth of material to earn her degree, she had to learn a foreign language as well. For the duration, she was never seen without her 5-lb Vietnamese to French dictionary, inspiring snickers from teachers and students alike. By the end of the term, however, everyone was rooting for her – wowed by her tenacity and drive.


I learned a lot in those 2 years…and that’s the way I pursue my dreams. I do anything it takes to achieve them.Delphine



Delphine is inspired by people who take a chance – those who are driven by intuition and fearlessness. During her Masters program, Delphine visited a friend in the United States, a visit that proved to be a life-altering. While at LAX, Delphine was introduced to a friend-of-a-friend – an encounter that sparked a romance, then marriage, then family. Together with her husband, Delphine has explored Orange County, San Diego, Raleigh, and finally Chicago, where the couple have lived since 2009.

For Delphine, real estate isn’t work – it’s her passion, a way to meet new people, feel connected to her community, and broaden her friend list. She is inspired by her clients, many of whom have similar stories as her own, eager to grab life by the horns and go “all-in” on the next chapter of their life – ranging from marriage, a new job, or expanding their family.


Not only is Delphine’s communication as good as they come, she was able to guide us as an advisor and friend through an emotional sale. Delphine cares about us and it shows. This was a house we lived in for 17 years with a lot of memories.Rachel and John I.



Delphine is eager to meet new and old clients, always focused on understanding their point-of-view, hopes, and dreams. From Vietnam and sojourns in Europe to now permanently residing in a suburb north of Chicago with her family, Delphine has the advantage of a varied cultural understanding in a region that is increasingly becoming more and more diverse. Speaking three languages (French included, finally!), Delphine is always interested in learning not only about your goals, but your background and culture as well. When you work with Delphine, you’ll discover that your dreams become her dreams; she will fight tooth and nail to make sure that you achieve all your goals, whether you are selling or purchasing a home, or embarking on the next chapter life offers you!