Home Buying Strategy


Home Buying Strategy

Buying a home is, without question, one of the biggest decisions you will encounter. It could determine the next few years or few decades of your life. The best way to ensure that you are able to fulfill all your dreams and goals is by finding the right real estate agent and having a great home buying strategy. The right agent will help you narrow down your home search, make an enticing offer, and negotiate that offer to make sure you are happy and comfortable with your decision. The wrong agent could get you a bad deal, or worse, no deal at all.

But what separates good agents from average agents? With the Delphine Team, you will get unparalleled customer service, years of accrued real estate knowledge and experience, and attention to detail from our multifaceted team. Let’s take a look at the specific ways in which the Delphine Team can provide the highest level of service to you.

A Home Buying Strategy Starts With Rich Market Knowledge


The Delphine Team is a local real estate team based out of the Glenview office with Baird and Warner. However, as a team we strive to help clients not just in Glenview but all over Chicagoland, and have worked with clients from downtown Chicago, the suburbs, and the North Shore. As a team, we hold regular meetings to share market knowledge and go over trends in all of the areas we work in, so we can assist our buyers as with as much knowledge as possible.

We are an aggressive and highly skilled real estate team, and proactively seek to add clients in areas all over Chicagoland through our marketing strategies. Our experience in each of these areas allows us to make your home search simpler and quicker. We will be able to zero in on exactly the type of home or neighborhood you are looking for and eliminate less-than-worthy contenders, and fill you in on local market trends.

Negotiation Skills Create Success


Once you have your house in your sights, your next biggest priority will most likely be getting the best deal possible. We know how important this is to buyers, and as a negotiator certified by the Real Estate Negotiation Institute, team leader Delphine Nguyen will make sure you are moving into your house with money still in your pockets. She completed her Certified Negotiation Expert course, where she was trained in the most effective negotiation strategies to make sure she is bringing the highest level of satisfaction to her customers. Delphine has also been awarded the CRS designation by the Council of Residential Specialists, proving her hard work and dedication to her craft and her clients. As the team leader, Delphine has brought this knowledge to her team and developed a rigorous training process for all of her team members to make sure they have the knowledge and ability to bring you the best results.

The Best Home Buying Strategy Is Having An Outstanding Real Estate Team On Your Side


As a buyer, you are looking for the best service, and the Delphine Team makes sure we provide you with that. Not only is our team leader a certified negotiator with a wealth of real estate experience, but our diverse team has multiple departments that are designed to bring you the best results. A whole entire real estate team working on your behalf means more people and more time dedicated to closing your dream deal.

The Delphine Team employs a full-time administrative team to manage marketing and online presence, as well as a customer service team to set and reschedule appointments, respond to emails and questions, and take care of any other needs you may have. Our full team of listing and buyer’s agents are here to assist you with open houses, showings, and lead generation. A successful real estate business is not a one-person job, and Delphine’s team is extensively trained to bring you the best service in the business.

Extensive Network Is Key

Real estate closings are not a simple process, and in addition to our own motivated team, it is vital to connect you with other proven professionals who can bring the deal home for you. In addition to our immediate team, you will have access to our preferred network of individuals that will further help to move the buying process along. We have worked with countless other brokers all over Chicagoland and they are always just a phone call away, to help find the perfect house for you among their clients or their connections. We have strong relationships with the best attorneys in downtown Chicago and the suburbs, and rely on them to make sure the closing process will go off without a hitch.

In addition, we can provide you with referrals of interior designers, handyman services, and other preferred vendors should you need any of these services, and will only refer you the best. No need for Yelp or Google reviews. We are also a members of AREAA, the Asian Real Estate Association of America, which gives us access to private listings of other members of the group. Buying a home is a complex process, and involves many moving parts. Working with the Delphine Team gets you access to our vast network and will have your closing running like a well-oiled machine.

The Delphine Team knows that our duty is to leave you, the client, one hundred percent satisfied. We will do everything in our power to get you into the home you want, even if that means going doorknocking until we find a seller. It is our passion to put people in the homes they belong, and customer service and personal care is our calling card.

With our consistent market research, prestigious real estate certifications and training, professional team members that are all dedicated to you and your goal of buying a home, and extensive network of proven professionals intent on closing the deal for you, we know we provide the best service in the business and our success proves it.

If you are need of a buyer’s agent, look no further. Contact the Delphine Team with Baird and Warner to find the best buyer’s agent and get you moving in the right direction into your new home.

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